Storm Davis first freestyled on a Providence, Rhode Island, city bus in 1989. He battled a female volleyball player from a cross-city high school. She won.

Thus, he began recording a proper debut album, called KEGSTAND POETRY FOR THE RECOVERING ALCOHOLIC, crafting literate, personal lyrics true to the legacies of forgotten hip hop legends like Justin Warfield, Divine Styler, and Wise Intelligent of Poor Righteous Teachers, melded with melodic sensibilities inspired by artists like Faith No More, Kilgore (Smudge), and ex-House of Pain frontman Everlast.

The LP arrived in stores in May 2006 to a whirlwind of raised eyebrows, moderate apathy, and the unbridled glee of the occasional diehard devotee.

In 2004, Storm joined forces with a cadre of New England’s finest emcees and producers to form Poorly Drawn People, the latest in this nauseating wave of overly-emotional underground hiphop crews that swurrr to gawd they gon change da game… they won’t… neither will PDP… but, the music is rather impressive.

Storm would appreciate it greatly if you stayed tuned as the saga continues to unfold.


…that bio was written in 2006 for the release of the ‘Kegstand Poetry’ album that is referenced within. As far as blurbs go, its held up pretty well and is still reasonably accurate. Since then, I’ve recorded and released 3 projects with my PDP brethren Dox Ellis & Reason under the Poorly Drawn People name, and you can find a compilation of my work on those 3 albums here.

By day, I spend time as Label Manager of Strange Famous Records. By night, I chip slowly away at a mountain of idioms, idiosyncrasies, and idiocy, and try to make music out of what falls to the floor. I have 3 different full-length projects that have been in the works for far, far too long: Robot Rock & Necktie Blues (produced by Dox); Only Built 4 Cuban Sandwiches (produced by Entity); and Bitchslap Rap & Cocaine Tongues (produced by Falside).

One of these days, I’m gonna have a hell of a release party.

In the meantime, I’ll use this blog to keep you up on what I’m doing instead of finishing the records, as well as what my friends and fellows are doing to entertain you.


… the trio(-ish) of graphs directly above were written in 2011 as I felt my beloved Poorly Drawn People disintegrating around me. As far as blurbs go, they hold up pretty well. I live a rather glacial life, at least in terms of what I wish to share with the public.

I did release Only Built 4 Cuban Sandwiches (which you can find on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, or wherever you listen to your music, or buy a CD or purple Cassette here), finally, in 2014, four years after it was recorded. On the eve of that release, producer and web guru Entity did something-or-other to helpfully sabotage this website, and only now, three years later, am I able to update it. We discussed fixing it when I moved to Washington, DC, in 2015… but that was a relocation that lasted such a brief time that website reconstruction was the least of our problems. But that’s a story for another album.

I’m still working on Robot Rock & Necktie Blues, but speaking of re-locations – Dox now calls Los Angeles, CA, home. Between the time zones that separate us and my aforementioned icebergian work pace, we’ll see when that surfaces.

We did manage to squeak out a 7-inch record of our most popular tune, “Illest It Gets”, in its most popular form, the ‘Apache’ Remix (previously unrecorded & unreleased, and only done live at shows) in time for the big going-away bash. A very few of them are left to purchase here, and you can stream it on Bandcamp here.

Bitchslap Rap & Cocaine Tongues was (mercifully) re-titled Judas Priestley. Then Falside moved to NYC and proceeded to live the shit out of his life. He’s missed, but we’re happy he’s found his home. One day those sessions will likely surface in some form on a Storm Davis mixtape, long after anyone cares. We made some cool gold-foil stickers though. Send me your address & I’ll send you a few.

I’ve yet to have that hell of a release party, but we did have a hell of a farewell party, in October of 2015 when Dox moved to LA & we officially put a period at the end of our Poorly Drawn paragraphs. I wish I could have covered it here, but maybe I’ll share some of it with you when it feels right.

So I close this completely inappropriate stab at a bio with, once again:

In the meantime, I’ll use this blog to keep you up on what I’m doing instead of finishing the records, as well as what my friends and fellows are doing to entertain you.

And hey – thanks for hanging around.



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